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LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on Refined Monochrome

LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on Refined Monochrome

The interiors director discusses the spring/summer 2016 collection

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Showcasing the palette du jour – black and white – the Refined Monochrome collection is both bold and timeless. Dramatic accessories with oversized proportions bring scale and a sculptural feel to the look, and exclusive furniture pieces make subtle nods to iconic designs from the past whilst maintaining an ultra-modern aesthetic.

LuxDeco’s Interiors Director, Linda Holmes, talks to us about the inspiration behind the look and names her star pieces from the collection.

What was the inspiration behind the Refined Monochrome collection?

Monochrome is a design classic. It’s an infallible colour combination and we’ve been dying to do the LuxDeco take on it. The colour scheme was huge in Paris. We really noticed it popping out at the trade shows, but we wanted to add our own touch to the look so it wasn’t quite as stark.

Linda Holmes On The Refined Monochrome Collection | Style Guide

Black and white hues make a bold statement. How did you complement such a strong colour palette?

Black and white can look quite harsh, so we curated a collection filled with rich, luxe pieces to counteract this. We integrated golden hues and different textures into the mix to make the look more interesting. Plush velvet and Mongolian sheepskin upholstery were used to introduce a softer dimension.

Linda Holmes On The Refined Monochrome Collection | Style Guide

Modern art is a key feature in the collection. What were you looking for when it came to choosing the artwork?

Particularly artworks that make great conversation pieces. I love it when a piece is a real talking point in an interior. For example, the Hidden Hippo print used in the hallway – it takes a while for people to realise what they’re actually looking at. Ambiguous pieces are a bit more captivating.

"I love it when a piece is a real talking point in an interior"

We wanted something that was bang up to date but referenced classic designs from the past. The Lunar sofa takes its inspiration from 1950s designs – it’s a nod to the past with a LuxDeco twist thanks to modern textures and colours. Vladimir Kagan was one of the first to do the curved sofa and we wanted to do our version of such an iconic piece.

Linda Holmes On The Refined Monochrome Collection | Style Guide

What’s your favourite space and piece from this collection?

I’ve got to say the living room and our Wharf console table. We used an innovative resin finish for our entire Wharf furniture collection and I think it’s going to be huge. An exquisitely textured wallcovering in a champagne hue is applied to the designs, followed by a resin coating to create a high-gloss surface. When it comes to accessories, my favourite has to be the brass Boom sculpture. It’s a spiky, sea urchin-inspired accent – ideal for adding impact.

Linda Holmes On The Refined Monochrome Collection | Style Guide

Can you tell us a bit about the aim of using sculptural forms and geometric prints?

Geometric prints have been big and will continue to be big, and sculptural forms always make an impression. I wanted to demonstrate how you could mix the two; the results are high on impact, strong and powerful.

Linda Holmes On The Refined Monochrome Collection | Style Guide

Is this look one that can be translated into modern and traditional settings?

Black and white is highly adaptable. I find the palette to be more mid-century and modern – it’s perfect for city apartments and contemporary spaces, for example. If I was going to use black and white in a traditional home, I’d temper it with by adding a softer colour into the decor scheme.

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