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LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on Eaton Square

LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on Eaton Square

The interiors director on the collection’s inspiration and appeal

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Taking its style cues from London’s most prestigious residential location, the Eaton Square collection channels the distinction of a traditional London home from an elegant, contemporary perspective. A light greyed-oak furniture range lies at the centre of the collection while inviting splashes of mustard and aged golds characterise the accessories.

From inspiration to favourite her pieces, LuxDeco’s Interior Director, Linda Holmes, talks us through the look we’re hailing as the new classic.

Tell us about the inspiration behind this collection.

We were inspired by traditional country aesthetics, but with a modern twist. Recently, we’ve been seeing a trend for more and more clients looking for updated country furniture, so we wanted to create a range that nodded to traditional silhouettes in a contemporary manner.

Of course, we also took inspiration from the collection’s name – Eaton Square. I’ve always loved this London location and set out to create a look that reflects its prestige.

The look showcases mustard tones against neutral backdrops. Why did you choose this accent colour?

It’s just such a vibrant colour that adds interest to any room, and it works effortlessly with lots of tones. It brings a very warm, inviting ambience to spaces.

LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on Eaton Square - LuxDeco Style Guide

Is there one room scheme from the collection that appeals most to you?

Certainly. I have to say the living room because I just adore that sofa – it makes such a strong focal point. It’s handmade by British craftsmen with a scalloped silhouette and classic studding detailing. I really do like it.

LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on Eaton Square Collection - LuxDeco Style Guide

What’s your favourite piece from this collection?

I’ve already mentioned the sofa, but I also love the stools. There’s a huge surge for these at the moment. They’re becoming more and more popular, and many people are dressing their living rooms with them rather than chairs. The Singapore cube, for instance, works as additional seating for guests, a beautiful footstool or simply a decorative piece.

LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on the exclusive Eaton Square Collection - LuxDeco Style Guide

Why did you opt for light woods over dark?

We’ve been closely observing a move towards blonde woods by some of the world’s top interior design houses. If there’s one trend to know to get ahead of the curve this season, it’s this one.

Lighter wood stains have generally been associated with a more rustic, Scandinavian aesthetic, but they’ve shifted into the luxury sphere and can really offer a fresh, refined finish that looks incredible in high-end properties. I particularly like blonde stains because they’re less imposing than dark woods but equally timeless.

If there’s one trend to know to get ahead of the curve this season, it’s this one

The Ascot furniture brings instant sophistication to room schemes. Can you tell us a bit about the range?

We collaborated with fine English furniture maker Justin Van Breda London to create this range. The pieces feature traditionally inspired silhouettes and are characterised by a grey-stained oak, which we specially developed to create something that felt warm and contemporary.

And the range is united by antique bronze lattice motifs and studded details. You’ll see a beautiful sense of cohesion when these pieces are used to furnish an entire home. I just think it’s such a sophisticated, simple line of furniture. Truly timeless.

Subtle yet interesting hints of pattern can be seen throughout. What do they bring to the interiors?

With any room, you should always introduce some pattern otherwise it becomes extremely boring. You’ve got to add some focal interest, whether it be via artwork or cushions that draw the eye.

Pattern is such an instant way to introduce diversity, and it helps to avoid a bland palette. We opted for little hints, such as the Marcia cushion and Yellow Fan jar, which works a Turkmen-inspired design. These kind of touches add just the right amount of intrigue here and there.

LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on the Eaton Square collection - LuxDeco Style Guide

How easy is it to update this look?

Very easy. One of my favourite techniques is to simply change the colours of your cushions and throws, or swap the mustard for a different accent tone with some new accessories or artwork.

Although the great thing about this look it’s so classic and timeless – it can stand the test of time. I love how it works beautifully it classic buildings, but also sits nicely in more modern properties.