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Meet The Tastemaker: Ryan Saghian

Meet The Tastemaker: Ryan Saghian

Discover what Ryan has to say about his style & creative process

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

When many teenagers were dreaming of a career in design (author included), interior designer Ryan Saghian was actually doing it. The LA-based creative began his interior design career at 15 and at the ripe age of 26 now has more experience that most his age.

A native Angeleno and one of the city's youngest design talents and most loyal devotees, the designer is known for channeling the locale's energy and penchant for glamour into everything that he does. He’s built his brand on ultra-glossy, statement spaces with dramatic narratives (well-suited to his wealthy clientele) and equally polished wallpaper and furniture collections.

High-contrast colour palettes, statement style mixes—from striking Art Deco to Hollywood Regency—brass-trimmed everything, carefully bookmatched black marbles and eye-catching contemporary art—it’s clear that Ryan Saghian subscribes to the modern interpretation of opulence.

Here’s what the designer himself has to say about his style, his creative process and what he hopes his designs say about him.

Tell us a little about your design background.

I started interning for Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design when I was 15 years old. Since then, I have been fully immersed in the world of design. I continued working for them throughout college where I got my bachelors in interior architecture and at 21 years old I launched my own firm out of my parents’ garage.

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How did your training influence your style?

I was trained in LA so Hollywood influences me a lot. I am influenced by films, old Hollywood glamour, and California modernist architecture.

What inspires your designs?

Traveling more than anything and the colorful background of my Iranian heritage.

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How does your creative process usually go?

I always start with magazines. I skim through them and tear out a bunch of ideas. I then jump on the computer and skim Pinterest before I start sketching a layout and elevations. After my layout I begin sourcing pieces. My favorite part is sourcing the fabric and materials and then voila, I have a presentation that I am so excited to present.

What are some pieces or features your projects absolutely have to have?

Brass and some high contrast. Without it, I am bored.

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What advice do you give your clients to help them make style designs for their home?

Take risks. If it scares you, it’s the right choice. If you’re comfortable, you’re not getting creative.

What are you looking out for when choosing furniture and home decor?


Favourite thing to buy for a home?

Gorgeous lighting.

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Top tip for buying furniture and homeware?

Invest in pieces of quality. That’s everything.

Do you have any favourite go-to brands?

I love all of the Covet House brands from Portugal.

What are some 2019-2020 trends you're looking forward to?

I don’t like to follow trends. I like high style all year round!

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What would be your ultimate project commission? Why?

To design an incredible boutique hotel in Los Angeles!

How do you plan to change the design industry?

By pushing boundaries and proving time and time again that someone in his 20s can dominate an industry difficult to make waves in.

What do you hope your work says about you?

That I am talented, innovative, and daring.