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Autumn Interior Design Trends for 2019

Autumn Interior Design Trends for 2019

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

September – the month that signifies summer’s swan song and autumn’s arrival. As wardrobes are prepared for the switchover, there too are a host of interiors updates ripe for the new season.

Here, the LuxDeco Interior Design team chooses three of the trends to follow across colour, material, style and pattern that will soon be flooding the pages of home magazines far and wide for you to decide which to bring back to your place.

Autumn Interior Design Trends: Colour

1. Dusk Blue

One of summer’s key colour trends was Misty Blue, which, appropriately for autumn, develops into a tone darker though no less hazy. 

"Heavy navy blue will still play a role in this autumn’s blue palette, but to really hit the trend nail on the head, opt for hues that have a dustiness to them. Not only does this soften dark blue, but it picks up on the precise tone seen in the late afternoon sky when daylight turns to dusk and nightfall’s depth starts to encroach. Try this deeper hue in home accessories to begin with through artwork and vases or  alternatively, apply this shade to your walls."

2. Oyster

The new neutral for autumn 2019 has evident warmth to it because of the underlying pink tones, which offers gentle femininity and necessary cosiness for the season.

"Shades of Oyster need not always share the precious shell’s pearlescent shimmer but to fall on the pink-based side of ivory, white and cream. Though, if you find an accessory such as a beautiful sculpture, through fabric woven into scatter cushions or hand-painted into statement artwork that does have the pearlescent shimmer, then all the better. Build on an Oyster palette by referencing like-minded neutrals, such as taupe."

3. Back- To-Nature Green

All three of autumn’s core colours are inspired by nature’s landscapes. Dusk Blue looks to the sky, Oyster to the sea and shoreline, and with Back-To-Nature Green, you’re also transported back to land with a grounding, muted series of greens. Together, this team of three tones bring an organic, wellness-centred character to the home.

"To capture autumn’s greens, begin with soft, earthy moss and loden green – these colours look beautiful on upholstered items like sofas and armchairs. The occasional streak of forest green will do no harm, likewise silvered sage green, suit everything from cushion covers to lamps and vases."

Autumn Interior Design Trends: Materials

1. Artisan Textiles

In spring’s trend report, we spoke of complementary but contrasting textiles (more of that further below too), and this is a trend that’s only strengthening for autumn.

"The focus will be on those fibres that are natural and rustic, such as linen and aged leather, as well as those that are equally grown from the earth but are far softer, like cotton and silk. Animal-sourced fibres are part of the mix too – expect to see lots of fabric blends with alpaca and mohair coming through. Add these textiles to your home easily through cushions, throws or even bedding for your bedroom or guest rooms."

2. Shagreen

We’ve long been fans of the luxurious shagreen, but come autumn 2019, this material is set to be celebrated far and wide.

"Typically, the velvety textured hide has embodied an exotic sort of glamour which is what made it so popular in the Art Deco era when it was used as decadent coverings for cabinets and desks. It then fell out of favour until the 1960s and was later heralded by design icon Aerin Lauder which put its distinct texture back in the spotlight. Find a space for faux shagreen through furniture such as side tables and desks or smaller pieces like trinket boxes and picture frames. Spread its presence throughout the home."

3. Greyed Oak

So much of the wooden dialogue of late has centred around antique, restoration, brown furniture, but autumn welcomes a change of conversation with greyed oak.

"Look out for classic oak furniture with a finish far more muted and washed to introduce a new character to any room. We particularly like it in the bedroom through furniture such as bedside tables, wardrobes and chest of drawers where the material is easier and more soothing on the eye. You can also look to using greyed oak through home accessories such as ornaments or lamp bases."

Autumn Interior Design Trends: Style

Brutalist - Autumn Interior Design Trends - LuxDeco Style Guide
Image credit: Image Credit: Gardeco

1. Brutalist

Derived from the 1940s French architectural movement, Brutalism became a way of designing harsh-looking buildings with a heavy focus on concrete that will soon be favoured again in the world of furnishings.

"This is an aesthetic that has inspired interior design for decades, but in autumn this year, the signature Brutalist principles of raw materials and strong silhouettes will come through thick and fast. Expect sculptures, objets and even patterns on rugs and cushions to cut a clear Brutalist reference. If it feels too harsh for your home, you can lean on autumn’s other trends to mellow it out."

2. Natural Forms

Nature's presence in the home is a trend that repeats and repeats. This autumn, it is not simply the colours that are inspired by Mother Nature, but the form of the latest furniture and home accessories too.

"Fluid, organic silhouettes and varied textures will take focus, providing schemes with discreet harmony. Look back to spring’s trend piece for overlapping natural textures in fabric and build from there as your starting block. Then, seek to source statement pieces with undulating, irregular form, because nature is known for not producing exact replicas – a character trait to be embraced."

3. Sophisticated Minimalism

This final style trend sits back so that autumn’s other key looks have little distraction…

"The lines in minimalism aren’t necessarily always fine, but they are simple, linear and calming. Minimalism can teeter into modern territory, but by choosing designs that have the occasional, understated decorative embellishment – be it on a table’s legs, a lamp’s stem or the trimming on a sofa or armchair – there will be evident elegance that pulls it back from the abstract and the edgy."

Autumn Interior Design Trends: Patterns

1. Pattern on Pattern

Not every trend is one that’s never-before-seen. In fact, most trends are recycled, enjoying a second, third or even fourth wave decades after their last appearance, ready to be appreciated in a new light. Then there are those trends that just keep on giving and never fully fade from view.

"Pattern on pattern is a prime example of this – it’s a decorative choice that will always prevent an interior from feeling repetitive. This autumn, show some restraint in your pattern clashes by choosing those from the same colour palette, so it is solely the pattern that’s contrasting. Look to mixing and layering throws and cushions with similar toned rugs and accessories."

2. Simple Chinoiserie

One of the more fanciful trends for autumn 2019, the ancient art of Chinoiserie is seeing a resurgence, though the more pared-back examples of its decorative expression.

“Seen mostly on china and ceramics, Chinoiserie is a helpful tool that grants pattern an appearance in rooms like the kitchen as well as on the non-fabric parts of a scheme, such as lamp stands with a block coloured shade to leave the intricate pattern to soak up all of the glory. If you haven't used this pattern before in your interior, look to adding a Chinoiserie porcelain vase or jar to your home decor.

Chinoiserie porcelain vase or jar to your home decor.

3. Tartan

It wouldn’t be autumn without a nod to tartan. Every season has its stereotypical touches, and while a staged, predictable setting of log fire, plaid blanket and cushions, autumn leaves colour palette and woodland animal motif is something to avoid, there is nothing wrong with including an aspect or two of something traditionally seasonal.

"Tartan is back on the scene, but in colours sympathetic to 2019’s natural colour palette as opposed to bright reds, greens and yellow. Take tartan to cushions and throws alike, from living room to bedroom, and team it with the pattern on pattern trend for a more modern update on a classic look."

Tartan - Autumn Interior Design Trends - LuxDeco Style Guide
Image credit: Image Credit: Bronte

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