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Spring Interior Design Trends for 2019

Spring Interior Design Trends for 2019

Discover spring interior design trends for 

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

In our first design report for the year, the LuxDeco Interior Design team take a look over the spring interior design trends for 2019. Each season, they’ll dive into the four fundamental areas of home decor trends – colour, material, style and pattern – shortlisting and uncovering their three ones-to-watch under each category. With exclusive snippets from our Interiors Director, Linda Holmes, see it as your ticket to keeping your finger on the pulse for all of the latest interior design trends, season by season.

Spring Interior Design Trends: Colour

Spring Interior Design Trends - Colour - Burnt Orange and Rust - LuxDeco Style Guide
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1. Burnt Orange

The first of the interior colour trends to have on your radar is rust. Burnt orange, warming copper and terracotta-tinted reds are all hues that you’d typically expect to see gracing the Fall catwalks rather than spring/summer. The same applies for the home.

“These spiced shades are a big spring trend and we’ll be seeing them especially in upholstery where their richness becomes all the more beckoning. I envisage them performing well on walls too, because they’ll transport your mind to rustic, European climes, like the divine wash of colour that greets you in places like Siena’s Piazza del Campo.”

Spring Interior Design Trends - Colour - Modern Neutrals - LuxDeco Style Guide
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2. Modern Neutrals

Modern Neutrals is a colour story that begins with barely-there pinks – a base colour that tonally works well against rusted reds. From here, there’s an abundance of other new neutrals that show how pigmented shades are just as capable of being grounding, easygoing, backdrop colours as the classical neutrals of cream and soft grey.

“Golden sands, modern camel and beige on soft linens, rugs and pottery as well as smoked blacks and even pearlescent silvers on statement lighting will have their moment to shine this spring. It’ll be of the season’s quieter colour palettes but still capable of making meaningful statements.”

Spring Interior Design Trends - Colour - Sea Green - LuxDeco Style Guide
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3. Sea Green

This new decorating trend has kept a low profile until now. Sea green offers a breakaway from spring’s other nourishing colours. It brings spring’s vitality and freshness, in a way that only green can. But the true beauty of sea green is its ocean depths. It presents bottom-of-the-seabed greens as much as it does shimmering teals and watered-down soft aquamarine tones.

“If the spiced spring colours don’t sit well with your interior, try this spring palette by applying softer greens on your walls and bringing in green-tinted glass, marble and granite accessories as well as deep green on upholstery that carry the depth and subtle drama that you want, but in a small portion that suits spring.”

Spring Interior Design Trends: Material

1. Embroidery

Throwbacks to time-honoured traditions is nothing new. Though one of the latest home decor trends to come forward is embroidery. Wool and knitting make you think of winter, and yet somehow cross-stitch and embroidery feel full of lightness and rejuvenation, perfect for spring.

“The two key places we’re seeing embroidery in the home this spring is as an extra flourish on cushions and along the leading edge of a curtain. Embroidery is generally intricate and delicate, and so using it en masse can make a room feel too fussy and high maintenance, so be sure to keep any references to this spring interior trend on the less-is-more side.”

2. Natural Textures

By the same token, one of the other current interior design trends is something that we’ve seen lots of in recent years – natural materials. This spring, rather than the discourse being solely around provenance, cultivation and craft, we’re hearing more about the love of natural materials for their varied textures alone.

“One of the latest home trends is a case of how can you layer an array of natural textures in one living space without it becoming overcrowded. Imagine silk, cashmere, mohair and linen in the same room as leather, suede and even tweed. The experience of these contrasting natural textures and how they make our homes more luxurious and intriguing will be a big area of conversation.”

3. Velvet

Not every interior design trend is about doing what’s not been done before. A trend can be a resurgence or a continuation of something, but with increased fervour and appreciation than what was there before. This brings us nicely onto velvet – one of the mainstays in the world of interiors.

“Velvet is still very much the leader in fabrics for living rooms this spring. Though, we’re seeing the colour and texture trends merge, putting velvet accent chairs in mustard and burnt orange into the spring spotlight.”

Spring Interior Design Trends: Style

1. More Ornate and More Detail

"Spring design trends for 2019 are definitely more decorative. Expressions of style are more elaborate and we’re seeing clearer depictions of luxury. Some designers are focusing this level of detail on just a few key pieces in the room, whereas others are going high octane, flooding the space with grandeur.”

Key references to this latest furniture trend can be seen in metal inlaid trims on furniture and bespoke pieces of cabinetry or inlaid wood marquetry. Luxury handles, marble finishes, gilding and rarer wood finishes all count too.

2. Art Deco

Art Deco, if it were to be linked to a season, is without doubt bound to winter where its innate glitz and glamour is best appreciated. It’s therefore another subversive and surprising spring home trend for the year. Here we see yet more links with the already mentioned love for bolder colours (mustard and rust), luxury wood veneers and finishes (like Bird’s eye figure in maple and Burr walnut) and marble (for wall and floor tiles). Reference these Art Deco points with a heavy use of mirror on walls and in furniture and strong geometric patterns, and your springtime interior will feel much more dynamic than your quintessential easy, breezy spring day.

3. Layering

Spring 2019, in all of its vibrancy and confidence, also invites you to layer different colours and textures. It’s a move away from one core colour defining your scheme. Instead, we’re starting to see a clear design trend for overlapping and intertwining in a much more obvious way.

however, we’ll go back to developing colour palettes consisting of multiple shades that complement and contrast with one another. An entirely bold palette inspired by primary shades but with spring’s new wholesome hues is one to keep an eye on. Think rust meets mustard meets mid and dusky blues.”

Spring Interior Design Trends: Patterns

1. Herringbone and Chevron

From flooring to fabric, one of the current decorating trends that’s showing no signs of slowing is the iconic chevron. It’s generally perceived as a contemporary geometric, but chevrons can cut both ways – traditional and of today. Ask for parquet flooring to be laid in a herringbone format as a nod to the past, contemporise herringbone with rectangular, ceramic bathroom and kitchen tiles positioned in the same way, and look out for cashmere and tweed weaves on throws that present chevrons in different scales.

2. Organic Patterned Rugs

Pattern doesn’t always have to be large format and shouting for attention. Spring’s interior trends show how the proliferation of natural textures gives rise to a refreshingly understated wave of pattern and detail.

“The natural etchings, inconsistencies in colour and texture, and light and shade that are part and parcel of using materials that aren’t man-made will be a big focus this spring. One of the best ways to make this trend a feature in your interior is to look for organically patterned rugs. Materials such as jute and sisal and flecked wools blend especially well into most schemes.”

3. Geometric

By now, it should be clear that many of spring 2019’s interior trends draw parallels with one another. This final pattern trend to watch out for is one that we’ll have seen coming forward in Art Deco and chevron formations.

for examplepattern. Or take geometric onto one wall and turn them into a transfixing showcase.”

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